VisioAMV Proditec

Application on PRODITEC teonys inspection machine.

VisioAMV is an Advanced Mass Verification (AMV) inspection system which was originally developed for the inspection of micro-dosed powders in blister packaging. Here, the system significantly improved and eased the fill operation of small product masses due to its accuracy and high-speed capability.

VisioAMV installed on PRODITEC teonys inspection machine

Today, the VisioAMV system finds numerous different applications in the filling and dosing of powders, solid products and liquids.

The new and innovative PRODITEC teonys modular inspection machine performs visual and dimensional inspection on smallest footprint with high output rates. An in-line integrated AMV system compliments this new machine to additionally check for the correct product mass. The application is performed in a non-destructive way in real-time and to 100%. The application was developed together with PRODITEC, Pessac, France.

The VisioAMV is a high speed electro-capacitance system for the 100% product mass (weight) inspection. The reliable trend monitoring visualizes the mass value of each individual product.

Outliers can be removed from the product stream to ensure that no rogue tablet reaches the marketplace.

The joint application can inspect up to 350,000 tablets/hour. Each individual tablet is scanned for product mass directly after the teonys visual and laser inspection have been performed. The VisioAMV system can be fully integrated and retrofitted into PRODITEC teonys inspection machines.

Visiotec has an excellent team of AMV experts to support you with your application. We provide consultancy for the design of experiments (DOE), design space calculation and process calibration & validation.

Application examples

HMI visualization of acquired AMV weight values
PRODITEC’s new modular inspection machine teonys

Functional Principle

Conceptual operating mode of system

VisioAMV is an electronic measuring & monitoring system for solids, liquids & powder products.
The measurement is related to the change of the signal current across electrodes. This is introduced by minimal polarization variations of the substance or product passing the sensor plates. The maximum signal strength in turn is affected by the difference of the relative permittivity of product to the ambient environment respectively. The product acts as an electrical isolator in the alternating current field. The system can measure products in free-fall, e.g. during dosing and filling operations as well as during linear movement, e.g. from top or bottom.


  • Sophisticated in-line technique
  • 100% inspection of individual tablets with regards to product mass
  • Rejection of rogue tablets
  • Compact design complementing the compact and modular concept of teonys
  • Easy to integrate into PRODITEC teonys inspection machines
  • CFR Part 11 compliance


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