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visiotec GmbH was newly organized in 2013 as a subsidiary of Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG to further streamline its process improvement competency. The company now focuses on the development and marketing of inspection systems for the automated pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

As an independent center of excellence, our primary goal is to solve a key issue concerning the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, namely maximum product quality combined with maximum productivity. This is achieved with 100% inline monitoring. Including product integrity checks, the contact-free, inline analysis of active substances as well as the deep knowledge along the entire supply chain, these measures guarantee utmost reliability and highest possible output.

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visiotec looks at the bigger picture

In the majority of cases in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and food & beverage industries, production processes continue to be a series of individual procedures, watched and assessed through the eyes of the respective persons in charge. Our mission at visiotec is to alter this because we see the process as a whole. We address the aspects of quality and in doing so we combine reliability with productivity. 

Founded 2000, sharpened our focus in 2013
Profile Inspection technologies
Locations Laupheim (Germany), New Jersey (USA)


Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

The experts from Uhlmann Germany provide support in all issues concerning the pharmaceutical packaging process. Hub is our headquarters in Laupheim where think tank, development, design and machine manufacturing are combined under one roof - a tradition dating back over more than 60 years. Whether the project planning of new machines, the supply of tools and spare parts or support services - we are at your disposal.



Bausch + Ströbel

The Bausch + Ströbel product range addresses the field of primary packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. It comprises customized stand-alone machines as well as multifunctional production lines for the industrial processing of bottles, vials, ampoules, cartridges and disposable syringes. In regard to the main production steps cleaning, sterilizing, dosing and filling of liquids and powders as well as the closing and labeling of such containers, equipment from Bausch + Ströbel plays a key role in processing high-quality, sterile pharmaceuticals.

Fette Compacting

Fette Compacting is the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions for the transformation of powder into tablets. As a technological and global market leader, the company specialises in high-performance machines for the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s head office and global control centre is in Schwarzenbek near Hamburg. Fette Compacting is represented across the globe in more than 40 countries.

Fette Compacting is the only manufacturer of tablet presses, operating a dedicated global competence network with fully-equipped and interactively-networked competence centres in Brazil, China, France, India, Singapore, Spain and the USA.

Fette Compacting is part of the LMT Group – a medium-sized, family-owned group of companies. The group also includes LMT Tools, a leading manufacturer of precision tools for industrial processing of construction materials, and the LMT Finance&Shared Service, which is responsible globally for the company’s central functions.


For over 60 years, one thing always applies for all services that fall under the name Glatt: Companies in the pharmaceutical, food and feed as well as the fine chemical industries will receive comprehensive solutions from a single source.

Pharmaceutical Services, Process Technology Pharma, Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals, Process & Plant Engineering

Thanks to the seamless integration of our four areas of expertise customers benefit from a high-performing, reliable and trustworthy partner at their side. We will accompany you along the entire value chain. From the formulation to the complete solution. From the product development to the required process technologies, all the way to the installation of an entire plant. All customers will benefit from this overall competence that is yet to be rivaled on the market.

„Integrated Process Solutions“. – Glatt Philosohpy.

Harro Höfliger

Harro Höfliger offers various technology platforms for customer-specific projects and turnkey system solutions. 100 percent customer orientation in connection with high innovative strength has resulted in this company gaining a leading position on the market. Many product segments are available due to a comprehensive portfolio: Inhalation, Injection, TTS/Wound Care/Oral Film, Packaging, Diagnostics, Eye Care, Medical Devices, Pharma Solids & Liquids, Portion Packs, Energy Solutions etc.

KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH

KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH, a company of the Uhlmann Group, develops, designs, builds and markets customized packaging machines. Particularly when it comes to cost-efficient solutions for demanding packaging tasks, KOCH offers prompt, customized solutions.


Since its early days, PRODITEC has focused its activities on serving selected industrial niche markets on a worldwide basis. For each market, PRODITEC aims to provide the best offer in terms of products, services and technologies for inspection and quality control purposes.

With more than 300 machines installed worldwide in the minting, pharmaceutical, plastics and automotive markets, PRODITEC has become a leading company in the supply of turnkey, automatic inspection and sorting machines using vision technology. An in-depth knowledge of our customers´ businesses as well as our expertise in industrial vision technologies enable us to provide standard solutions that fully meet our customers' industrial needs.

From pre-sale services (product tests and demonstrations, feasibility studies, product adaptation) to after-sales services (installation, commissioning, training, acceptance tests, qualification, validation, technical support), PRODITEC provides a complete range of services which guarantees the success of your projects.

PRODITEC's multilingual and multicultural team of customer service engineers and our local service partners are dedicated to serve and support our customers through either remote Internet access or on-site service.


WILCO AG has been diligently developing innovative technologies for fully automated tightness testing machines and systems since 1971. The design and assembly of these machines takes place in modern, state-of-the-art facilities in Wohlen, Switzerland.

The extensive range of quality assurance equipment from WILCO AG includes a patented, vacuum-based system to test the tightness of liquid-filled products. A headspace analysis based on laser absorption spectrometry reliably detects oxygen, moisture and/or absolute pressures in filled and sealed products. Furthermore, a newly developed system uses x-rays for the reliable recognition of the smallest foreign particles in lyophilized products, suspensions or liquids. Near infrared (NIR) technology is also used to determine the moisture content of lyophilized products.